It Comes From Within

You’re a nurse in every sense of the word—skilled, compassionate, thoughtful. And, most especially, mission-driven.

You know and work alongside so many other nurses who care as deeply and work as hard as you do, fueled by a passion that comes from within. And just like you, they’re used to providing the help; not asking for it.

As a community that honors and celebrates all the amazing nurses in our lives, this month—beginning with National Nurses Week—we are shining the spotlight on you. To recognize you. To thank you. And to give you a helping hand for a change.  This year, it’s all about:

SHARE a wish—what would make your life easier or bring you joy?

CARE about what makes you happy

DARE to grant your wishes!

So, Happy Nurses Week! Let’s get this party started!

Enter our What’s Your Wish Giveaway!

Whether you’re looking for something to make your life easier or bring you joy, these kits—curated by nurses—are the perfect answer. Which one do you wish for?
Hit a Home Run
Want a smart way to run your home, whether you’re there or away? You’ll find just what you need in one awesome package.
Love What You Brew
What nurse doesn’t need a little fuel to keep going during their shift? And all the accessories that go with it.
Shift Gear
Get both fun and essential nurse gear to help you love what you do even more.
Staycation Nation
You don’t have to go far—or anywhere—to have some family fun. Enjoy everything you need to have a memorable staycation right in your own home.
Tranquility Time
Rejuvenation. Relaxation. Serenity. How amazing does that sound? Find whatever you need to pamper yourself—you deserve it!

Not sure what to wish for ?

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Wishing to take your skills to the next level?

Whether you’re a new nurse grad or a nursing leader with decades of experience, there’s always something new to learn. That’s why we’re inviting all nurses to join our FREE education event.

Enjoy access to expert speakers, Q&A panels, podcasts, and more on current topics from COVID-19 to resilience to diversity. Be sure to check out our menu of courses where you can earn up to 10 CE credits—all for FREE!

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Rewarding work, in more ways than one.

The only thing more gratifying than providing personalized, one-on-one care at home is working for a company that recognizes and rewards your hard work.

So, if you’re wishing for work where you can make a meaningful difference in the life others—and yours as well—join us!